Diamant Eiszauber - für Früchte


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EisZauber für Früchte
IceMagic for Fruits

Ice Cream Mix (Powder) for homemade ice cream

With diamond Eiszauber for fruits , you can easily make fruit ice cream and sorbets by yourself. Without ice machine and always in exactly the combination that suits you the best tastes.

No artificial colors or added flavors

There is no ice cream machine needed.

See Instructions below.

250 g bag

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Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose , hydrolyzed vegetable protein , thickener pectin , citric acid

Instructions: Preparation for 500 g fruit and other toppings of your choice (for example, grated chocolate, liqueurs, cookies, etc.):     Wash Flawless fruits and stalks (depending on the type of fruit), seed or peel. Weigh 500 g and cut into pieces.     along with 250 g diamond Eiszauber give fruits for fruit in a large (about 1.5 l), high vessel. Everything at least 3 minutes until frothy mix with a hand blender. This air strike by the blender is moved up and down, so that a fine, creamy foam.         Tips:         For a particularly smooth ice cream which Fruchteismischung additional 1 minute by hand mixer (stirring rods) pitch.     fill Fruchteismischung in suitable containers, seal and freeze at least 5-8 hours in the freezer at -18 ° C.     Spell out creative sherbet combinations that it can not buy: The imagination knows no boundaries. Succeed with any fruit! Consistency is dependent on the fruit used. Not suitable for the preparation of milk ice. Thawed ice Do not refreeze. At -18 ° C the finished ice is at least 12 months.

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