Diamant Eiszauber - für Milch


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EisZauber für Milch
IceMagic for Milk

Ice Cream Mix (Powder) for homemade ice cream

In no time you can produce your very own favorite ice cream.

- for 350 ml of milk    
- deliciously creamy    
- without preservative substances

There is no ice cream machine needed.

See Instructions below.

200 gr bag

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Ingredients: Glucose syrup , dextrose , skimmed milk powder , vegetable fat completely cured ( palm , coconut ) , sugar , emulsifier ( acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids ) , natural vanilla flavor , milk protein , thickener ( carrageenan , guar gum ) , dye carotenes

Preparation for 350 ml of milk and toppings of your choice (for example, cocoa, grated chocolate, syrup, etc. z.). Makes approximately 1000 ml ice. Recipe for basic ice with light vanilla flavor:     350 ml milk (optimally +6 ° C to +15 ° C) enter into a sufficiently large (about 1.5 l), high mixing vessel.     200 g diamond Eiszauber add milk and mix with a hand mixer 1 minute gently on the lowest level. After another 2 minutes until creamy at the highest level.     Stir in the following ingredients for ice cream flavor of your choice, for example with an electric mixer.:     Vanilla Ice: Mark a vanilla pod     Chocolate ice: 2-3 tablespoons of genuine cocoa (sifted)     Stracciatella ice: 2-3 tablespoons chocolate chips     Nut ice: 3-4 tablespoons walnut syrup and 80 g chopped, toasted hazelnuts     Coffee Ice Cream: Use instead of 350 ml milk 100 ml cold espresso and 250 ml milk.     With diamond Eiszauber milk can be many more flavors of ice cream delicious cook!     Fill ice mixture into suitable containers, seal and min. 5-8 hours in a freezer at -18 ° C freeze. Consistency is dependent on the ingredients used. Not suitable for the preparation of fruit or frozen yogurt. Thawed ice Do not refreeze. At -18 ° C the finished ice is at least 12 months.

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