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Gelatine Fix

With Gelatine Fix you can even easier prepare delicious cream cakes, desserts and hearty food. Because Gelatine Fix is ​​added directly to the liquid without swelling and boil up easily, quickly and without lumps. With Gelatine Fix, everyone can prepare their favorite recipes simply and easily.

For 250 ml liquid you need 1 sachet.

  1 Pack (2 sachets á 15 gr)


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Preparation depending on the ingredients: Caution: always stir in the sugar at the end. Only whipped cream: let gelatine trickle while whipping. Stir in sugar. Quark / yoghurt cream: Beat the cream until stiff. Stir gelatin in a mixer (stir bar) or whisk for 1 minute in curd cheese / yoghurt. Fold in the cream. Stir in sugar. Liquid: Stir gelatine with a whisk for 1 minute. Stir in sugar. Note: Do not succeed with some fresh tropical fruits, such. Pineapple, kiwis, figs and mangoes. Because these fruits contain an enzyme that dissolves gelatin.

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