Terms and conditions of Service

The general Terms and Conditions of Service are valid for all sales with German Goodies 4 U . They are contract contents of all transactions between the company and the customer. These conditions are recognised by the customer, if expressly and immediately contradiction is not inserted. With placing an order our Terms and Conditions automatically come into force.

Import & Prohibition
Buyer has to find out (for example, with the customs office) before the purchase about whether and to what extent the import, purchase, possession and/or the use is permitted in his country juridically. The buyer uses the products bought here exclusively for legal use.
German Goodies 4 U does not assume liability for products which may not be imported in buyers country. Buyer is responsible for knowledge about effective import restrictions.
The products, German Goodies 4 U offers, are permitted according to the food regulations of the EU and many national states. No matter German Goodies 4 U advises in general every customer to clear the legal situation with for his country responsible authorities, lawyers or other responsible departments for every single product, before the products are introduced in the aim country. As far as German Goodies 4 U is informed about the fact that in an aim country certain products are argumentative or are forbidden, we inform the customer.
We do not take over liability for additional originating costs, which result from import restrictions, as for example duty fees or similar. Such costs are always to be paid by the receiver.
If a parcel is returned to us due to content, that is affected from import restrictions, we do not refund shipping costs. If applicable, we charge shipping costs again for repeated shipping of the rest of your order.
Duty fees
Incurred duty fees are to be carried basically by the receiver. Unfortunately, we have no influence on duty fees, and are not able to do this for you, because customs are to be cleared basically in the import country. Should you have questions to the duty, please contact your next custom formalities.
Additional costs
We do not take over liability for additional originating costs, as for example duty fees or similar. Such costs are always to be paid by the buyer / receiver.
We reserve ourselves the right to carry out no delivery with non-availability of the goods. Already occurred payments are refunded.
With dispatch of the goods, the risk passes to the buyer. Orders to be delivered outside of Germany must be legally cleared by the customer in advance. Any additional expenses will be borne by the buyer.
If your item arrives damaged, please DO NOT THROW IT AWAY.
We do NOT refund money for uninspected items.
Summer Time
Based on high temperatures, meltable products (in particular chocolate) might become damaged during the time of transport. A purchase of chocolate products during the summer months is NOT RECOMMENDED. Doing so, is on your own risk. We DO NOT take over warranty / guarantee for such damages.
Place of Jurisdiction
Legal jurisdiction and place of fulfilment for both parties is Esslingen, Germany.