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Toothpaste for Kids


Junior Zahnpasta

Toothpaste for Kids

Right dental care at the age
of 6 to 12 years

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1 tube / 75 ml / ca. 2.53 fl oz

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Even before the first baby tooth precipitates, four new remaining molar teeth appear possibly at the age of 6 years behind the milk molar teeth. Then bit by bit every milk tooth is substituted with a remaining tooth, until the second dentition is concluded about with the age of 12.

After the breakthrough the dental glaze of the new teeth is not yet completely mineralized and, therefore, more susceptible for cavity. Loose baby teeth, dental gaps and breaking through teeth complicate the oral hygiene during the second dentition. A raised caries risk is the result. The new remaining teeth need special protection and attentive care!

During the second dentition a toothpaste which is tuned to the special demands during this time should be used. The fluoride amount of a toothpaste for milk teeth (to 500 ppm) is too low to protect the new remaining teeth against caries.

Therefore, dentists recommend:
As soon as the first remaining tooth breaks through, children should use a toothpaste with higher fluoride amount  for the everyday dental care and for effective caries protection.

1 tube / 75 ml / ca. 2.53 fl oz

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